Ways to Make your Kids Environmentally Friendly

Rob Sutherland

Posted on March 20 2016

The Natural Way for Kids

Go to Parks, Bush Walks and Green Places.

An important lesson for your kids to appreciate nature is for them to experience the beauty and diversity of the natural environment. We have so many wonderful parks, nature reserves and green places in Australia. Usually you can find these close to the city areas and the kids just love seeing wildlife and new things. This is valuable and basic learning in understanding and caring about our natural world. They will feel the difference in the environment of a park and that of a busy road.

Plant Something with the Kids

It helps kids to see the importance of taking care of the environment when you plant something as a family. Whether it's a tree in your yard or a potted plant for your home, let your little ones be in charge of watering it and monitoring its growth. This can teach them to value and be responsible for living things.

 Make sure Kids put Rubbish in the Bin

This is learning your kids need on the importance of managing waste. Develop the habit of putting garbage into the dustbin. You can emphasize the importance of recycling with fun sorting games. Your kids will learn about sizes, shapes and materials as they select the right bin for each recyclable item. This activity will teach them responsibility.

Buy Toys that are Natural and Educate Kids

There are fantastic good quality and safe toys made of natural materials, especially wood for little children. If they get into the habit of playing with these types of toys they will be less inclined to want the cheap and nasty ones.

Also available for kids are a variety to well made educational toys related to the natural world. For example:-

Educational Toys

Waste Not Want Not

Set the best example you can for your kids with minimising waste and reusing products wherever possible. Explain to them the value of conservation at every opportunity. Encourage saving water and power. Make it a policy to turn the lights off when you leave a room and explain why you do it to your kids.


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