Decorating your Child's Room can be Quite a Challenge!

Rob Sutherland

Posted on April 29 2016

Decorating Rooms for Kids

Kids needs and tastes are always changing as they grow, so decorating your child's room is a moving target.So we are going to need to be flexible and ready to make some changes to accommodate them. The good part is that you can let yourself go and have some fun with kids decor.


Using colours for your newborn that will serve your child all the way through high school is a big ask. However if you are not keen on repainting you can think about colours that you can adapt as they grow older. A newborn's nursery in soft, baby pink and cream is not going to cut it for too long. Just think about using colors that you can combine in new ways to keep the room age-appropriate as your kids get older. Eventually a repaint may well be in order. It is the cheapest way to to give a complete new look.

Kids Bedroom


If you buy kids furniture wisely you can get pieces that can easily be used with little ones and also with older kids. A classic wooden wardrobe can be used for an entire lifetime and be a childhood favorite.Just put a mirror at the back of the robe and you have an entry to another world.



One of the easy ways to create an atmosphere or mood in a kids room is with lighting.There are many inexpensive lights for kids in the shape of animals, rockets and all sorts of kid things.There are string fairy style lights for girls and dinosaur night lights for boys.

Kids Lighting


Kids of all ages need plenty of storage.Traditional closet storage and dresser drawer storage will be needed But it is good to keep in mind some super-easy storage like baskets or chests. These are perfect for everyday items that need to be put away at times, but need easy access. Teamson are designers and manufacturers of quality wooden hand painted kids furniture with lots beautiful storage items.

Storage Chest




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