Lots of Fun! Lots of Benefits for Kids with These Toys!

Rob Sutherland

Posted on May 27 2016

Ride on Toys are Great for Kids

Ride-on toys are perfect for developing balance and building these gross motor skills by encouraging the use of muscles.Kids getting on and off of ride-on toys,need to balance themselves to avoid a fall. When on, they use their leg muscles to push themselves along or move the pedals. Using the steering wheel or handlebars needs children to use smaller muscles and teaches coordination with the hands, arms, legs, and feet. All the additional knobs, buttons, or bells require little hands to to grasp, push, and turn to make them work. The more kids play with these ride on toys, the easier it becomes for them to move their bodies in complex ways. When you also consider the benefits of just getting the kids outdoors and the exercise, there is no doubt about the value of ride ons. There is also such a fantastic range of the ride on type of toy.

Push Along Ride on Toys

Wheely Bugs

Wheely Bugs are so much fun for the little ones.They have a friendly, fun, colourf ul design that is an instant attraction for little boys and girls.They are a fabulous aid for kids just learning to walk and later with gross motor skills. Wheely Bugs can move in any direction, back, forward and side ways and are safe, stable and made from quality long lasting materials.They are so much fun for the little ones.

Wheely Bug Mouse

Big Bobby 

The BIG Bobby Car Classic is a winner ride-on vehicle for kids.This kid friendly heavy plastic moulded car has outstanding quality and design to meet the needs of young children.If you are looking for quality and safety you cannot go past a BIG Bobby.

 Big Bobby car and TrailerBig Bobby Car

Big John Loader

 This BIG-John-XL-Loader is for kids three years plus and will ensure playtime is very special!  With a brilliant design this Loader has so many different functions. This is the ride on ultimate gift for any little one who enjoys out door play.

Big John Loader


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