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Rob Sutherland

Posted on May 07 2015

We are a kid’s clothing, toys, accessories and anything else we can find kid related, retailer. We have a “bricks and mortar” store in Brisbane at Kenmore Shopping Village and an online shop, which I guess you know about. Our slogan is “Quality, Style & Magic”. This means our clothing, accessories and home products will be best brands, best quality, latest designs. Our toys will be best brand, best quality, educational but importantly for us, many are magical in the style of fairies, unicorns, knights and princesses.

You may be wondering - what is a Bokkie?
"Bokkie" is an Afrikaans word meaning "Little Buck". It is a term of endearment for the ones we love.
So we’re South African, right? No we are Aussies. We did not know what Bokkie meant when we first encountered and acquired the shop a little over 12 months ago. But we liked it and the sentiment.
So who are the “we” I keep mentioning?



Rob  - Great Buyer of Toys (Likes to think he is Boss)

Anne  - Great Buyer of Quality Kids Clothes (Likes to think she is Boss)

Anita - (Daughter of Anne & Rob) Great sales person in the Kenmore shop (Likes to think she is Boss) but will settle for a title of “National & International Sales Director”

Why read Bokkie Kids Blogs ???
The aim is to provide some tips and information for Mums and others on what makes kids really happy and also, what is good for their development. What would we know, you may ask.

Well, we can save you the time to research.

My qualifications in Social Science help with this.  Anne, with previous Human Resource background and with our kids / grand kids, has great practical knowledge.

We try really hard to provide quality products that help to develop kids. We will also do some reviews on our kid's fashion items, toys and other products.

Feed back
We would love to get any comments back on our blogs. This will help us know what information you find useful and what products we can provide. Hope we will have some interesting stuff for you.





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