Many kids, and adults for that matter, are enthralled by the world of Magic and Fantasy. So if Children Love Fantasy - What is the Real Reason!

Rob Sutherland

Posted on January 27 2016

Fantasy World of Kids

As parents our a normal and common question we have is whether fantasy play is good or bad for our kids. The question we perhaps should be asking is - why do they love the fantasy world of Fairies, Knights, Dragons and Pirates so much? It appears, as with many of human behaviors to be linked to our evolutionary journey.We will generally hold on to any of our ways that give the best opportunity to survive and succeed in a harsh world. I have looked at some key insights from Allison Gopnic from Slade web magazine on this issue. 

Why do they Embrace Fantasy

The popular notions that the fantasy world of play,books and games for kids is a means of solving problems or just as an escape from real world issues, does not stack up scientifically these days. The current research shows that normal happy, healthy children are more likely to be engrossed with the pretend and fantasy world, than unhappy or problem children." 

The cognitive sciences suggest that children love fantasy for the opposite reason that many suspected. It is not because they have a difficult life or problems with the real world. It appears that children may embrace the imaginary because they are so focused on finding the truth, and also because their lives are in good shape which allows them to do this.


Fairy on Unicorn

 Papo Butterfly Elf on Unicorn Figurine

Fantasy Play cartoon

Lessons from Evolution

From evolutionary science we know that children have evolved to learn. Human childhood is a time of being looked after and a time to learn. This period gives children time to become proficient at everything they need to enable them to survive and succeed as adults. Human children have an extended period in need of protection that is longer than any other species. The research has shown that in this childhood period children continually construct and revise their view of the world and others in it. This theorizing by kids, similar to scientific theory, enable them to make sense of the world and people.

Giant Orc Figurine

 Papo Giant Orc Figurine

 Doctor Pretend Play Cartoon


With the view that children are continually theorising about the world and the view that play allows children to learn without adult problems, it is not surprising there is a strong link between childhood and fantasy.Children are learning about the possible worlds and people in fantasy without being disconnected from the real world. They can learn and practice their skills in a make believe world that will prepare them for the real one.

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Fantasy Ice Castle


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