Why Wooden Toys are Better

Rob Sutherland

Posted on June 05 2015

The Benefits of Wooden Toys

Wooden toys have been around forever with plastics a relatively recent addition.There are however, many benefits with wooden toys over the plastic variety. There are a number of reasons why wooden toys are superior to others:-

Wooden Toys involve Children - Kids must manually push, pull, turn, or connect parts of the wooden toy. This leads to a more active mind.

Less chemical toxicity - They are made of natural materials with no toxins or chemicals and are safer

Texture of Wood - The texture of wood is different to a completely smooth piece of plastic and gives a tactile experience for kids.

Less impact on the environment - Wooden toys require wood, possibly glue or screws and occasionally some paint. This is far less impact on the environment than plastics and batteries. Plastics take hundreds of years to degrade, wood takes years, The manufacture of plastic also requires vast amounts of resources. Wood has less resource cost especially if it comes from sustainable plantations.

Wood is Less dangerous - Swallowing a battery can be harmful or fatal. Swallowing small pieces of plastic is also a health hazards from the chemical leakage while it is in your child’s body. Wooden toys do not have anything this harsh on or in them.

Wooden Toys last for generations - Wooden toys tend to last generations, where as plastic toys, even with the long lifespan of plastic, tend to get broken and thrown in the bin.

Kids learn more - Learning to control and move things and actually having to think to interact will teach them valuable things at that stage in their life.

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