So you think the Cuddly Toys are just for Security but Soft Toys are Good for Kids, Really!

Rob Sutherland

Posted on December 28 2015

Soft Toys - Benefits for Kids

A not uncommon view with parents is that soft toys are nice for kids but do not offer much of a learning experience for them. Well I think we all may be under a misconception here. If we look closely at how our kids interact with soft toys at various stages of there lives we can see that these soft toys can provide lots of development opportunities.

Soft Toys - Kaloo Activity Lady bug for baby

Baby Soft Toy Kaloo - Colors Activity Doudou Ladybug

  • For toddlers to about two or three years old, soft toys are helping with language skills. Lots of toddlers have a special soft toy bear or dog or pig with their own name. Their soft is a special friend and may be important to provide comfort and security. Ragtales is another quality brand of beautiful soft toys for kids. Darcy Bear is fantastic!


                             Soft Toys - Ragtales Darcy Bear - lovely pink coloured stuffed bear

 Ragtales Darcy Dressup Bear - Soft Toys

  • As children get older they tend to engage in more imaginative play. The toy may be a princess or a dragon or a fairy. The Ragtales Tooth Fairy is a favourite with little girls. It is fair to say that soft toys provide important learning and special emotional development for kids. I know there are many adults who still have fond memories of their childhood soft friends.

                                Soft Toys - Ragtales Tooth Fairy small fairy in box


Ragtales Tooth Fairy Princess- Soft Toys


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