If you think the only Benefit of Craft Activities for Kids is keeping them busy.Think again!

Rob Sutherland

Posted on January 05 2016

Benefits of Art and Craft Activities are Many

As parents most of us have had the experience of being stuck inside home with the kids on a rainy day.So a practical option to stop the complaints is to do some drawing, painting, gluing or craftwork. The good news with this is not only are you giving the kids something to do, but there are many other benefits. The following gives some insight into some of the benefits of getting your children into art and craft activities.

Craft for the Young Ones

For very young children, craft is more about passing the time.When its raining and they cannot go outside to play it is a great way to engage your little ones into ideas that provide a basis for future learning.

Benefits for Little Ones Include:

  • Developing complex thinking skills
  • Understanding of multicultural concepts
  • Important building of self esteem
  • Developing a positive response to learning
  • Learning with a variety of learning styles

Craft for Kids - Fairy Doll Making Kit

Craft for Older Kids

Arts and craft projects require children to use their imagination to create their own entertainment. Creating or enhancing something using their own skills and knowledge gives them confidence in their abilities to make individual decisions and choices.

Things to Avoid when doing Craft with your Kids

Do not Insist they Do It.

Do not force kids to do a craft project if they are not interested  This will only discourage them them from ever trying it next time. Just give them plenty of positive feedback when they do complete something. 

Start with Simple Projects

If you are starting a craft for the first time, start with something extra-simple. This will allow kids to get familiar with tools, materials, and techniques. It is good to have a practice run before actually beginning a project. A simple craft project first up builds confidence for the more difficult ones.

Allow Time and Space

Make sure that you give yourself and your children plenty of time to think and plan and enjoy the process to create, to experiment, and to enjoy time together.

Children love to do crafts

When kids are taught something using crafts it is much more likely they will learn it easily and enjoy the experience. Crafts and art is fantastic for teaching various subjects like alphabets, numbers and colours to students of any age.



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